June 15, 2011

june flowers

So far this June, I have been loving all the roses and daylilies I've seen.  It's cliche to photograph flowers I guess, but I can't help it.  I really love them.  As far as the editing on these photos goes...I guess I was trying something rather different (I'm not sure I like it, but I'll have to force myself to experiment more).  I went so long without editing my photos but I know that many can benefit so much from some tweaking.  I just don't know the techniques!

Today I went to discuss a potential job that I talked a bit about in my last post.  It went really well, and while I don't have an official job offer yet, I've been "unofficially" offered a job and I'm really excited to see what happens.  I'd be helping with marketing, working heavily with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare?) and taking plenty of photographs to help out.  We even discussed the possibility to my visiting local wineries (whose wine the restaurant carries) and snapping photos/doing tiny interviews for blogging purposes.  I'd probably be hired as a hostess/busser/something else in order to be an employee on the books. which wouldn't be terrible either.  It sounds like a pretty perfect opportunity and I can't wait to hear back! (probably tomorrow or the next day).  Blogging as part of a job?  Sounds good to me :)

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