June 30, 2011

konica centuria

For this and the next few shots, I went out in the woods without my external light meter cause I thought the internal one was going to continue to work--it didn't.  As I was setting up this shot and pressing the shutter halfway down, I accidentally pressed it the whole way and the meter didn't kick on.

So, I guessed at exposures for the rest of the walk...

WONDERFUL tomatillo and avocado salsa

First photo with my new 28mm f3.5 lens (used for the following photos too) 

Back in January, I bought a roll of Konica Centuria 200 film in an order from Four Corner Store (yes, January) and I FINALLY shot it and had it developed (I was waiting for summer and I wanted to make it count because it was Konica brand in my Konica camera...yeah, I'm weird).  For some reasons, I had all these crazy saturated-color expectations for this film and so it fell a little short, but I'm still pleased with it.  I know I already made two blog posts earlier today, but I wanted to get this last roll posted before the weekend!

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  1. The car & the pears in the bowl are my favorites. And those daisy jars are TOO CUTE. I have like eight million mason jars in my house but alas, no daisies.


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