April 26, 2012

things i love

  • dappled light...one of my many FAVORITE parts of the leafy seasons
  • reading books in bed
  • seeing my work in print...two little blurbs in the newest issue of Flavor and one wine-y photo, plus I wrote a wine trail map in another magazine!
  • the above photo...it's from almost a year ago and this week it's making me SO happy.  Something about the light I think...it's got me motivated to dust off the Konica and give it another go.
  • Also, daisies...in the above photo, and everywhere else. Obviously they could go in every week's TILT post, I mean look at my URL, but this week they get a special shoutout :)
  • when people say Good Morning (or write it in a note, like the one I found on my desk this morning!)

April 19, 2012

virginia brews




  • all of the above (snapshots on Instagram over the past week or two)
  • waving a hand out the open window of the car on a warm, sunny day
  • poppies along the side of the road
  • our very-soon trip to Blacksburg for visits, photos and fun times.  See you this weekend Holly!
  • the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Milani Jewel FX: Gems.  Like a party on my fingernails.  I'm 10x more excited about it than anyone I've shown it to...it's so obnoxious and I LOVE IT.  A little difficult to remove from the nails though...
Happy weekend, all!  I know it's only Thursday, but I doubt I'll be posting again til next week...but I'll be back with a bunch to share, I'm sure!

April 12, 2012



  • striped sweaters
  • Striped Sweater
  • buttercups
  • jellybeans
  • chocolate croissants
  • photo-inspiration (so many things I want to photograph all at once: couples, field of flowers, beautiful food)
  • my new hiking shoes, for the trip to Ireland/outdoor life in general

April 5, 2012

things i love thursday

  • lilacs!  Perfectly lovely in practically every way (apart from the fact that the one I picked lasted 2 days in a vase...oh and the fact that they don't bloom all year long!)
  • exactly 2 months til we leave for Ireland!  Wheeee!!!
  • INSTAGRAM ON ANDROID!  Released Tuesday and I'm pretty darn excited.  You may remember my talking about it in another TILT post...  My username is @daisyjars.  Find me! :)
  • Fun weekend plans in April.  Wine tasting, Harrisonburg, Blacksburg, Richmond!
  • a spring film swap in progress with Holly.  I'm shooting the film first, then sending it to her to shoot, and I'm almost finished.  I can't wait to see what we come up with!

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