May 19, 2014

key west: on film

"Is that a CAMERA?" "How old is that?" "Does that take film?  You can still buy that stuff?"
These are the types of questions I answered while using my Yashica Mat in Key West.  I can't remember a time in the past two years when I have been approached while shooting with this camera, yet in on this trip I was stopped half a dozen times on the streets and in shops by inquiring minds.  One vacationer even photographed it with her iPhone.
Finally, I have my film images back.  It's not that I sent them away anywhere and have been waiting impatiently to see them.  Four rolls that I've shot sporadically over the last eight months have been sitting on my dresser, waiting on a trip up to my hometown to be processed.  The local lab there still processes 120 film on site, not to mention they can do it in an hour.  Sending film in the mail for developing turns me into an impatient ball of nerves, as I begin checking my email incessantly and becoming frustrated and going quietly insane waiting to see my negatives.  At least with the hometown lab, I wasn't waiting on anybody but myself to set the ball rolling, and once I made my mind up to take the film in, it was done the same day.  The cherry on top is that I can have my negatives developed for $3.60 per roll!
So anyway, here are the rest of the Key West images.  Now all that's left is to plan another vacation!

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