June 19, 2011

father's day weekend

We spent Father's Day weekend at the lake and Evin came to visit and it was a nice time but as usual the time went too quickly.  We arrived Friday evening and took a little trip out on Dad's fishing boat so he could play with his new fishfinder (my om and I just sat there drinking wine).  We had to get up early Saturday morning for an 8 o'clock tee time for the five of us--my dad likes to play golf and my brother played in high school, Evin enjoys it and is decent, and then there's my mom and I who are both inexperienced and get frustrated easily.  Add in however many twosomes playing behind us and you might guess that we were being pushed along and my dad was getting frustrated because my mom and I are slow...but it was fun nonetheless!  After we finished up 18 holes (phew!) we headed out to visit Starr Hill brewery to pick up a keg or two for my dad's kegerator, and we stopped at a winery and then for lunch on the way.  Having visited several wineries but never a brewery (excluding the Guinness factory in Dublin), I was expecting a scenic driveway up to some building off the road or something, but instead, the brewery was just in a big warehouse along the highway.  I was pretty amused by that.  We tasted what they had on tap and ended up getting two 1/6 kegs--one of The Love and one of the special Monticello Ale.  I think they'll be great for summer!  After that we came home and made crabcakes and sat around not doing much until we went out on the boat again in search of a rumored cemetery (or its walls--the bodies were removed before the lake was flooded) not far from our place.  Thanks to the fishfinder, we were able to locate it and ended up driving around in circles trying to pinpoint its exact location.  Evin and I just sat up front in our wet towels because we thought we'd like to swim at 8pm...hmmm.  This morning, we got up and worked on a few things before heading over to a family friends' house for wine and swimming (their dock>ours) and that was about it for our weekend!

Also, on the drive home with my mom there was all this crazy fog laying in the fields at dusk...of course the best fog was all over on the other side of the highway and by the time I got my camera out there was nothing left and hardly any light for photos shot from the car anyhow.  At least now I'll know what to look for when driving scenic roads at dusk!

Oh, and one more thing!  The last two photos I took for a reason...my parents bought a bunch of plants about a month ago to plant the garden along the front of the lake house.  To the left of the front door are vegetable plants...they planted half of the ones they bought and brought the other half home to plant.  However, there wasn't any place for them and we watered them anyway because they kept wilting and we just brought them back down to the lake this weekend to plant once and for all...still no place for them, so I guess they're just going to die.  I'm legitimately upset by this, as if these little plants are pets I've had my whole life. but I don't have a better solution.  What is really shocking to me is that the plants in the last two photos are the same plants--the ones in the first photo were what were left after planting the garden, and the ones in the second are the garden.  It seems so crazy that little teeny plants like that can grow so rapidly in less than a month!  I guess I'm not really used to botany.  I'm working on it.

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