June 7, 2011

middle school "photography"

While cleaning up/cleaning out my room, I came across quite a few old photos that I haven't seen in years.  This set in particular intrigued me--it's from a Girl Scout trip to Pittsburgh when I was in 7th or 8th grade.  Before I had a camera of my own, my mom would send me with disposable cameras, with which I'd shoot "pictures of nothing" (read: not people).  I find it especially amusing that, out of an entire trip to Pittsburgh, 17 of the 23 photos I took were inside the Botanical Gardens (?) and the others were at Falling Water (but only on the walk up to the house itself, apparently).  Apparently I've always loved plants and gardens the most :)
For reference, I included the last photo.  That's what I looked like when I took these photos, before I was interested in photography: an awkward middle-schooler.


  1. What an great find! I also found it interesting that most are of plants and gardens. I think you had a pretty good sense of composition back then too. Great collection for a progress reference.

  2. those are actually really good for the most part! :) and aww how cute is little karly!


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