June 23, 2011

polaroid experiments

I've got packs and packs of Polaroid film that isn't getting any younger, but I haven't been shooting it because my most recent results have been abysmal.  However, I was browsing Flickr quite a bit today trying to read some forums about my Polaroid Impulse and expired 600 film.   I came upon *polaroid girl, a group that I KNOW will be a huge source of inspiration for me in the future, and took some shots.  I figured out how to overexpose on my camera (by moving a switch)--not enough light getting to the film seems to have been an issue--and discovered that throwing the shots into the fridge or freezer right after shooting sort of sucks some of the yellow out and gives a purplish tint if you leave it in long enough.  Of course, you can't carry a freezer with you everywhere, but I plan to do more fiddling around this summer before the film is rendered entirely useless.
I also did post-processing on some of these to counteract the yellow/brown haze.

The first set of images was shot, thrown in the fridge and freezer (one each) for about a minute, and then removed and held next to my skin to warm it back up.  The whites are really white and there isn't much yellow (at least, not on the physical prints--the scans are a bit different).  The second set is from when I was playing with the exposure switch--left image overexposed, right image underexposed.  The third image is just a plain old shot with a little post-processing, and the fourth ones are the same.  The last shots were left to develop completely in the freezer, giving that cool purple haze.  Can't wait to play around some more!

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