August 28, 2013

film in the summer, part 2

My second and final roll of summer film.  Whether I like it or not, fall is almost here...

  1. Pennsylvania sunflowers.  The closest I thought I'd get to a field of sunflowers this summer...
  2. More of the same
  3. The sunflower garden, which is blown out for some reason
  4. Garden tomatoes on the Hoosier
  5. EEEEK!! A real live sunflower field!!
  6. Looking away.  The view less photographed.
  7. Sunnies up close
  8. Butterfly bush at home
  9. More of the same
  10. Stunning vineyard shoot at sunrise.  Swoooon.
  11. Red wine grapes
  12. Veraison, the process of grape ripening.   Ok, this is one good reason to look forward to fall!

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