October 3, 2013

things i love thursday

A list of things I'm loving right now has been inadvertently piling up in my head.  Maybe now that the wedding and honeymoon are over I'll actually do a little more regular posting on this blog?  Who knows!

  • Apples and apple-EVERYTHING.  The perfect snack, dessert, photo subject...
  • NatGeoFound on Tumblr.  A collection of images from the National Geographic archives, some never published, some rare.  It is absolutely fascinating and inspiring to browse the collection of masterful, old photographs.  You just don't see photos like that anymore...at least not as much, in this world where "everyone is a photographer" and wants the world to know it.
  • Handmade bread.  Our neighbor brought us the most beautiful Challah loaf when we got home from our honeymoon (it was delicious too) and I'm also currently really appreciating focaccia and my old favorite, French bread.
  • Sea turtles.  I just love them.
  • My husband...because he went to dinner last night with some friends at my favorite burger place and brought me home a cheeseburger and french fries.  But of course that's not the only reason I love him!
  • iPhone panoramas.  I took a bunch in Hawaii because they are the perfect way to capture these unbelievable scenes that won't fit into one photo and they are so EASY!  I'll try to share them cohesively at some point because I love them so much!

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