April 11, 2013

things i love thursday, garden edition

Well...when was the last time I did a Things I Love Thursday?  Months.  Months and months.  But alas...there are just too many things I love, I have to make a post!  A categorized one, even!  I've been working outside quite a bit lately, because I have high hopes for growing food and flowers at our new house...
  • kind neighbors.  Our next-door neighbor rang our doorbell the other afternoon to ask if I wanted some daisy plants.  If you're reading this, you should know how much I love daisies (my blog URL...I mean, come on), so this was very exciting!  She'd been thinning daisies in her yard, planted from seed by grandchildren in past years, and was getting rid of some plants.  I'm glad to have them!
  • pretty seed packets.  Beside the fact that Botanical Interests uses non-GMO, untreated seed, their packaging is beautiful.  I've now placed two separate online orders.  I got a bit carried away...where am I going to plant all this stuff?!
  • the smell of hosewater.  This sounds weird, but it's a nostalgic smell and it means summer.  Of course I love it.
  • seedlings!  Is there anything more exciting than seeing little green heads pop up where you planted seeds?  Especially when they were planted, and then snowed on several times?  Persistent little things!
  • my fiancĂ©.  He is working hard to build me a place to grow food for us.  Over the weekend, he and his best friend dug in the lovely red clay and shoveled and mixed and constructed 2 tiers of our garden on the front hill in our yard.  Evin is spending a few nights this week working to complete the third tier.  I feel so lucky!!
  • the potential for a beautiful, fruitful summer.  I am dying to photograph what comes out of my gardens (and, quite frankly, I chose many plants based on their colors...I'll eat all of it of course, but some decisions were based on photograph-ability).

April 8, 2013


Long time, no post!  I have been neglecting this blog something awful, but I have a few new things to share.  Here's just a quick post: last week I shot two sets of headshots (for different purposes, of course) which I am very excited about!  And I have a wedding coming up this weekend, and I think winter is finally over (the past couple weeks we couldn't be sure, so much March snowfall!) so new material is coming soon.  Happy spring!

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