June 13, 2011

surface tension

This weekend was certainly not a very eventful one, especially for photos.  Saturday morning we had a yard sale and then headed down to the lake in the rain.  I was drawn to the water beads on the new dianthus plant and sat with my lens(es) reversed for awhile trying to take some neat water droplet shots.  Unfortunately I'm not very good at getting things in focus and so most of the shots are a bit off, but I guess practice makes perfect.  Sunday, while working in the house, I accidentally spilled some water on the plywood floor and was utterly amazed at the way it beaded up and rolled around like so many little glass balls.  I tried (largely unsuccessfully) to capture the phenomenon on video but the black and white image is a still-frame from one of the clips, anyway.
I also shot a few frames with my UWS but of course we can't see those yet!

*Blogger sure does quite a bit of desaturating when I upload photos.  I had to go through and tone these images down because red and orange and pink all show up so glaring on my sensor.  But after uploading to Blogger, many of these look too toned down!  Oh well, you get the point.

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