June 29, 2011

june through a plastic lens

Ahh, June!  I heard on the radio the other day about "how to beat those summertime blues"--a phrase I don't understand.  I don't care how hot and sticky it gets (though my complaining may lead people to believe otherwise), I LOVE SUMMER.  I love summer photos the most.  I go back to them when the weather turns cold and the leaves are dead and gone and I absolutely ache for the warm months (all except for the mosquitoes.  I do hate the mosquitoes).  I shot this roll of film over the course of June through my Ultra Wide and Slim--I didn't intentionally spread it out that way, it just sort of happened.  There are a lot of photos in this series that absolutely have my heart, even though they were taken with a little plastic camera with a little plastic lens and some film given to me by a friend.  Some photographer I am, right? :P

Speaking of "photographer," I've worked two shifts at my new job, but haven't picked up my camera yet.  I'm hoping to start that next week!

I just got this roll and another processed tonight and I'm going back to Costco tomorrow to pick up the other two.  Doesn't seem as though it's possible for the photo lab to process four rolls of film (one trapped in a plastic case, aka my waterproof disposable camera), on top of all the other photo lab work, in the hour and I have that they had until close (I dropped off the film a little after 7 and apparently they close at 8:30?).  I'm happy to have gotten two rolls tonight though for sure!

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  1. Man, I need to break out my UWS again! I've been shooting the same roll since February...oooooops. I really really love all these, especially the one of Evin on the raft. The concentric circles of the raft/the water combined with the right angles of the dock is supaaa cool.


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