June 16, 2011

today i like

For Christmas I got a cute little turquoise notebook and I decided I'd use it to jot notes and inspiration in. I don't write pages upon pages at a time, but when I think of a couple things that make me smile on any given day, I'll scribble them in the book (like my own version of 14000 things to be happy about or Kate Spade's Things We Love).  There are lists and dream destinations and quotes (and unfortunately near the beginning there are gripes--I've tried to get away from those).  Anyway, in the winter I remember writing at least once on my list "grocery store flowers" because in dreary December and January, bright living color was such a welcome sight (and since we went grocery shopping tonight, I took a few snaps in the floral department).  On today's list, I like summer rain (minus the toads-on-the-road factor :/), afternoon tea, and heaps of corn still in husks.

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