March 29, 2012


  • watermelon.  Refreshing, delicious, sweet, and sooo summery.  What's not to love??
  • Kurt Vonnegut.  It shall be a sad day indeed when I finally finish reading all of his novels.  Thankfully, there's always re-reading (yeah, I've read the Harry Potter series more times than I'd like to admit)
  • brightly colored raincoats
  • seeds!  Several new packets are laying on the counter and I can't wait to make an attempt at gardening...carrots, lettuce, watermelon (!!!), cosmos, sunflowers...I'm sure the list of things I'll attempt to grow doesn't stop there...
  • ice cream cones

March 22, 2012

cherry blossoms in the morning

things i love (thursday)

  • the smell of dirt...always liked playing in the mud, but Evin and I cleaned out an old herb garden (totally overrun by mint) over the weekend and it was wonderful
  • Draw Something...newly hooked on the game.  I'm 4karlyp on there...just saying.
  • my new dog...and by that I mean he is still the same dog but I can hardly recognize him--he got his hair cut for the first time yesterday and it's SO short and different and he is so tiny without all his fluff!  And sooo velvety soft now.
  • the sound of birds in the morning.  You can capture a lot of things with a camera but this isn't one of them...sometimes I really wish it was though.
  • Kodak Ektar...I have 8 rolls of it left and at the moment nothing to shoot them with (that part doesn't qualify for "things I love Thursday") but I need to figure something out because it's such lovely film!
  • foggy GREEN mornings, because what's a TILT post if I don't use "fog" as a bullet point?  Seriously, it's been so foggy the past 3 mornings and my drive out to work has been so beautiful (and so hard not to stop every 100 yards to take a photo)

March 15, 2012

things i love thursday

  • my new job...which happens to allow me to bring my pup with me to work.  AWESOME!
  • the first trees to burst into bright pink bloom...sooo beautiful! (and on a related note, I think we may go try to see the cherry blossoms in DC early Saturday morning...)
  • Finley+bubbles...all it takes to entertain us both for hours is a 25 cent bottle of bubbles.
  • I have five images for sale up on Getty Images, woooo!  (One of which is the tomato picture above, which yes I'd love to hang in my future kitchen, it's so colorful and happy)
  • pastel teal nail polish

March 12, 2012

instant happiness

loading...please wait...

It's Monday and I normally have photos from the weekend to share, but that's not the case today...I did snap a few over the past two days, but can't share them yet (one reason being that many are on film that's still in cameras).  So, here's an older photo from probably back in January...I'm calling it appropriate because I did load my Yashica with a new roll of film yesterday.  Coming soon!

March 8, 2012


  • Jose Villa--I'm stating the obvious, and I'm pretty sure ANYONE who has seen his work will agree--but I just love what he does.  Just look at this post...those colors and subjects make for the happiest combination I've seen all week.
  • dreaming about Ireland...we booked our tickets the other day (see post) and I'm writing down any and all things in preparation for the trip, even getting suggestions from Irish Twitter accounts...awesome!
  • Horse Feathers...perfect spring music if I do say so myself
  • warm weather and gaining an hour of daylight this weekend!
  • cupcakes on film...I saw this photo earlier this week and it's making me crazy about shooting color film, and of course there's this photo by abbytrysagain with the dreamiest colors, and then that Jose Villa link above features tons of lovely cupcake photos on film..........(originally, this bullet point was just going to be the first photo, but it turns out I really do LOVE cupcakes)

March 6, 2012

photographing the emerald isle

Yesterday we booked our plane tickets for our June trip to Ireland. I am SO excited...and already writing lists in preparation for the trip. What to pack, what to do before we leave, and what to do while we're there. Predictably, at the top of my list is photo gear! Friends, followers, and travel photogs...I'd love your input!

March 1, 2012

things i love thursday

  • tiny daisy sprouts on the windowsill...from one of those little $1 "grow a plant!" things in the dollar section at Target.  It's just so adorable and I can't wait to have tiny little daisies!
  • Nutella crepes...sometimes I just crave them. Now is one of those times. 
  • Ikea...wanted to buy just about everything there this weekend.  Especially wanted every picture frame.  Can't wait to have plenty of walls to fill with photos and art!
  • the fact that days keep getting longer and colors are reappearing outside...brb making a list of all the beautiful gardens to visit this spring.
  • Dear Stranger by Shizuka Yokomizo.  Photo series are usually really interesting to me, and this one is no different. 
  • 90s nostalgia all week long.  I've made three friendship bracelets since Tuesday (two of which became camera straps, an idea I love and totally stole from Emily Burtner
  • My tumblr devoted to plants...not intended to be a self-promo, I just enjoy aggregating beautiful photos of plants and plant-related things.

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