June 23, 2011

my take on "dear photograph"

After being exposed to Dear Photograph this morning, I decided to grab a couple of prints I had in a box and take them around the house to try a couple of these "blast from the past" photos myself.  I've done picture in picture stuff before, but only with Polaroids I'd JUST taken.  I've never been good at lining up all the image elements (perhaps because of my lens choice and space constraints) but it's fun nonetheless!!  We don't have many family photos from around our current house, but it would be fun to try to find more, and try to revisit some old places too (the softball diamonds from my elementary school days?  Maybe!)

*Sticking this in my "before and after" tag because even though it sorta fits, right?


  1. I have that same nail polish! Revlon?
    Anyway, this is a really cute idea! Maybe you could try it with a wider lens/narrower aperture so the backgrounds are more in focus?

  2. right after i saw your photo, i saw this blog post from free people: http://blog.freepeople.com/2011/06/picture-in-picture/ what an awesome project!


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