June 6, 2011

june's beginning

South River Falls--lovely, relaxing hike down with an exhausting hike back up to the car!

Securing the tripod with river rocks :)

Jack Brown's

Yum yum YUMMY

New favorite.  Waffles+strawberries and sugar+whipped cream=YUM!

Evin got an iPhone (after having the same EnV2 since June 2008!)

See quote below

So it begins

Wanted to steal this.

I just got back from a lovely weekend visiting Evin.  Seems like I can't keep these weekend blog posts short these days, can I?  Ah, well.  I can't help myself.

This quote by Steve Coleman (I Googled the name, and this seems to be the most accurate result for this guy) has been bouncing around my brain the last couple of days (it's one I found via Photojojo's Twitter)

"If you stop photographing things, and start to photograph light, you will amaze yourself." 

...I don't know if you can tell, but I certainly feel like I've started to take it to heart in my recent photos.

It's taken me forever to put together this post, and now I guess I really do need to start doing constructive stuff (job searching).


  1. This is an amazing set of photos! I really enjoyed the hiking series because I can't get out and do that any more. I like the quote about light, and agree that you are certainly doing that. My favorite portrait photos are the one of the dog under the curtain and the last one of Evin. The ones of the record player and chair fit the light quote perfectly. It looks like you had a great weekend!

  2. love the falls... and that quote. looks like you had a great weekend!


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