June 30, 2011

gifted film

On graduation day, a friend of mine gave me a Ziplock bag full of film.  There's something fun about shooting film someone else gave you, especially when it's different from what you're used to (the bag contained six rolls of film, all Kodak except for one, and the speeds were 400 and 800 and I had no idea if they were new or a little older or what.  I usually shoot 200, for what it's worth).  I don't know, I guess it's hard to explain, but anyway this was one of those rolls (as well as the roll I posted yesterday).  Kodak Gold 400.  I've shot Fuji Superia 400 a few times with some weird results so I think I was expecting a little more grain in these photos than I seem to have gotten (except for the last two photos, which I lightened up a bit because they were dark--my light meter works best outdoors).
Anyway, I'm babbling.  I started this roll this past weekend (when I didn't take ANY digital photos) and finished it up the other day.  I shot it with my Konica and a combination of two lenses--my new 28mm f3.5 and my trusty old 50mm f1.8.

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