December 1, 2011

things i love thursday

  • Christmas lights (and crossing my eyes to look at them)
  • Charlie Brown and all his friends
  • craftgawker and Pinterest (finding so much DIY inspiration for Christmas gifts!)
  • Chicken (or turkey) salad sandwiches
  • New music!  Always!
  • This quote: "Put down your camera and spend time just looking--frequently" from Tom Griggs in this post
  • Ereader covers that look like/are vintage books (I first fell in love with DODOcases but have since found a tutorial for how to make your own...I don't even own an iPad but when I do, it will be in a stylin' book-case of one type or another)
PS: tagging this post as "winter" because in my mind, if a new season starts in a month, that whole month counts as the new season.  June 1 is summer, September 1 is fall...It's December!  It's winter!  Plus the above photo is totally wintry.  

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