November 28, 2011

long weekend

Working on my lens arsenal...reworking my tilt-shift and figuring out my kaleidolens

Some kind people asked me to take their photo and then offered to take ours...and the older lady kept referring to Evin as my husband :P

Self-timer on a bench took this one :D

It's definitely a blah-Monday...the Monday morning after a loooong weekend, Evin finally had to go home and go to work, the weather outside is grey, I haven't backed up my files recently and I'm starting to run out of space again, and the editing I did on these photos annoys me but I don't much care to go back and re-do it.  I need to learn how to edit properly, and I need to get rid of the Monday blues!
Anyway, it was a nice long weekend.  Evin drove up after work Wednesday night and left this was definitely nice to be with him for more than just a two-day weekend!  We spent our first Thanksgiving together, watched our Hokies shut out UVA for a trip to the ACC Championship, did a teeny bit of Christmas shopping, made turkey-and-dumplings that turned out to be like a big pot of gravy (not so great), took Finley on an adventure to a state park, and ate Thai food.
The above photos are from Thursday-Sunday, excluding Friday (because the only pictures I took that day were of Samantha and I've already posted those).  The trippy, kaleidoscope photos are first attempts in my newest project...I bought a fisheye kaleidoscope at a toy store and am working on how to rig a way to use it without just holding the little refracting disc up to my lens.  When I figure it out I will probably post a tutorial of some sort, per a request from Caiti on Facebook (if you haven't already Liked my page, please do!)


  1. For a blah monday, this is so full of happy. What a nice way to end my blah tuesday. :)

  2. I am constantly lusting after your dog and your tilt shift lens... just so you know. And that first photo is magical and my favorite :)


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