December 7, 2011



We went this morning in search of a Christmas tree...the conditions weren't necessarily ideal, especially with the threat of flood, but a combination of factors (like the fact that if we didn't get a tree this morning, we wouldn't get one til too close to Christmas) got us into the truck and on the road to the tree farm.  Of course, I have a thing for rainy, misty days, so I was just sitting in the backseat of the truck with my dog, gazing out the window and dreaming of taking photos of basically everything (and also wishing I was living in Ireland...and wishing for a Hasselblad...and wishing about everything else).  I love Christmas tree farms too, so I was just a big ball of happy, snapping photos as soon as my dad stopped the truck.  I finished--finally--my roll of Ektar...and then at least partially ruined it in the rewinding process.  I'm not sure what caused it, but the film hung up in the camera so I opened the back to see how far I was from the end, and then when I couldn't get it to budge I opened the camera again under a beach towel in the truck (not exactly lightproof, but not exactly bright sunlight either) and manually rewound the rest of the film.  I think several of the photos should still come out...and I really hope they do because I can't even remember what was on that roll of film and I want to see the difference in photos taken on "nice" film vs the bargain junk I'm used to.
Also, since I finally finished that roll, I'm going to stick a new roll in my Nikon EM, which has been gathering dust on my shelf since May...I'm doing it partially because it's fun to switch cameras, and partially because I'm putting my Konica in time out for its unruly behavior with the Ektar (yes, I'm blaming the camera).
Anyway, we finally have a Christmas tree.  It's wonderful...a pretty tall Norway Spruce, which I don't think we've had before.  I can't wait to bring it inside and start stuffing presents underneath it!

*the last photo is (obviously) a drive-by shot of a pine grove I have been dreaming about forever...every time I drive by I long to pull over and wander around in it, taking photos!

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  1. Love love love the one of pulling the tree through the rows of trees!


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