December 28, 2011


I shot this roll in a fairly Christmasy (and hasty) manner because I thought I'd be able to have it developed at Costco two Sundays ago, but since their machine was out of order, I ended up sending the film to Snapfish instead, and have only just gotten the scans back.  A little untimely, but I'm ok with it.  Pretty soon I should be shooting with at least one, if not two, new film cameras and having my film developed right here in town.  Exciting things for photography in the new year!
I just realized that this is sort of an anniversary roll for this camera...the Nikon EM (do you like the title of this post?  decEMber??!  Ha...haha...) that I was given last December.  It's a cute little thing, but sometimes the metering makes me sad (the fourth picture from the bottom was supposed to be of a sign near the bathroom that said "Thank you for recycling your beer!" but instead the camera metered on the Christmas lights and the words are barely legible).  Ah, well.

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  1. aww, i love the one with your pup wrapped up in christmas lights. my pup would eat my face if i tried that!


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