December 22, 2011

things i love thursday

  • These pointy star lights (blurry photo of them from spring 2008 ha)
  • The maps feature on Facebook Timeline...I've been going through and adding locations to photos I'd uploaded from my travels and enjoying memories and giving myself wanderlust in the process.  I love that I can look at a map of the world and see pinpoints in the places I've photographed.  I guess Facebook isn't the first or only site to let you do this, but it's the first I've used and it's fun.
  • My dog.  I know I've listed him in a previous TILT post and I'll list him many more times, as long as he continues to behave himself ;)
  • Glitter.  Big flakes of gold glitter are all over my nails (and all over the house) and I LOVE IT.  Perfect to go with my tacky Christmas sweater I'm wearing to work today.
  • Moving forward with photography.  I've had three legitimate shoots in the past week, two for a magazine and one for a company, and my fingers are crossed that they'll lead to many future opportunities.  A few photos are up on the company's website right now, which makes me excited!
  • Advil.  Thanks for banishing my weird morning headache and making it possible for me to write a positive TILT post :)
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT!  Everyone loves accomplishment, but it's especially relevant to me this Christmas gifts are mostly wrapped, I finally figured out what to do for my parents and I'm very excited about making it and giving it to them, and I worked through and turned in photos from all three of my previously mentioned photo assignments.  Time to pack my bags for the weekend with Evin's family!
I'm not sure if I'll be blogging any more between now and Christmas, so I want to wish everyone a joyous holiday!

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