December 5, 2011

merry & bright

Finley made many friends.

Unwilling parade participants

This just kills me.

Pup in a pocket

Finley and Evin having their own parade

I like this beer.

I dragged Evin to not one but TWO Christmas tree stands because I had to take photos of the lights.

For a weekend full of a bunch of no-thought, mediocre snapshots, this sure is a full blog post!  Oh well, I took the photos, might as well post them, right?  We spent the weekend doing everything Christmas...small town festivities and shopping with the masses...and laughing a whole lot.  Finley was in the Christmas spirit with us Friday night and Saturday (see his little red scarf?) and was a pretty popular pup according to everyone.  Saturday afternoon, parade participants kept stopping along their route to see him and ask what type he was...we must have answered that question a hundred times!  

After all these snaps, I'm ready to take serious photos...and learn to edit like I mean it.  These photos might have looked better if I weren't so lazy...but when they're just weekend pics and there are 50 of them, my patience runs out quickly!


  1. Aw, enough of this and I might just get into the Christmas spirit.

  2. edit, shmedit, i like all these festive, fun photos! also, i think i have the same bean boots as you!


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