December 15, 2011

things i love thursday

  • Boats...particularly colorful boats in harbors
  • Cardinals (because male + female are never far apart and I think it's so, they're pretty)
  • Bagels
  • The idea of shooting portraits on film (come onnnn reliable 35mm SLR and/or medium format camera!) (come onnnn photo subjects!)
  • The Vaccines
  • IRELAND next summer!  I went in the winter and have been dying to visit in the warmer months.  I haven't made any plans yet, but Evin told me yesterday that his family over there sent invitations to a hooley (definition: Irish slang for party or celebration) in late June.
  • New nail polish, like the bottle of OPI Russian Navy I picked up on a whim yesterday


  1. YES, film portraits! Double the goodness!

  2. youre blog is amasing.... tnx for great things that you love ... @ thursday.
    big hug and smile from Serbia, Belgrade


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