December 27, 2011

comfy cozy

It's been five Christmases since Evin and I met, but this was the first one we got to spend together.  We drove up to Pennsylvania Friday morning to spend Christmas eve with his family, where we did crafts (a cork monogram as a gift for my parents), watched movies, ate food, and complained about the cold. We exchanged our gifts to one another Christmas Eve afternoon (the longest we've ever waited...since our last four Christmases were in college, we were always exchanging gifts in early December out of impatience and the fact that we'd be apart on the 25th) while the dogs helped up unwrap.  Evin bought me so many wonderful things, including ten rolls of Ektar (which I asked for) in 120 size (which happened because I didn't specify 35mm) so now I'm deciding on which medium format camera to buy :)  I could rattle off the rest of our gifts, but I won't...just take my word for it that I have a great boyfriend (and I hope he likes his gifts as much as I love mine).
It was my first Christmas Eve away from my family, and I got to experience different traditions...including a traditional dinner of 7 non-meat items, all of which I had to at least try :P  I didn't mind most of the things, but I really don't like sauerkraut...
Christmas morning we woke up early and headed back down to Virginia to spend the day with my family, photos from which will end up in another blog post sometime soon I suppose.  If you're reading this, I really hope you had a joyous holiday!

Oh, and we went to Cabela's, my first visit there (I've been to plenty of Bass Pro Shops though so it wasn't a totally new experience).  We decided we're going canoeing-camping next summer and I'm getting so excited, even though it's only December!  We also shot play guns at play targets in the shooting outdoorsy.

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