December 8, 2011

things i love thursday

  • Christmas trees tied to the roofs of cars, going home
  • Driving through rainy countryside
  • English-speaking Europe (by which I mean the British Isles)...I am dying to go back right about now (above photo taken en route to Malahide Castle, Ireland, January 2010)
  • My blanket-with-sleeves (like a Snuggie, only made out of the most divine plush material)
  • Starting rolls of film, finishing rolls of film...and opening the folder of prints like a present once they're developed but I haven't experienced that joy in far too long...soon!
  • The lights that hang on wires between posts at Christmas tree lots
  • The possibility of Instagram coming to Android...I forever complain about the fact that iPhone gets (almost) ALL the good apps, including the fun photo ones.  I guess we just wait and see...
  • typing "tilt" into Google :P


  1. I wish they had instagram for LG, then maybe I wouldn't hate it out of complete and total jealousy. Christmas trees tied to the roofs of cars are one of my favorites too! It almost makes me sad to have an artificial tree because we never get to do that!

  2. Oooooor you could just get an iphone… ;)


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