December 13, 2011

weekend wrapup

This weekend:

  • sold my soul and bought an external flash (an SB-700) but didn't teach myself how to use it, like I said I would
  • took Finley to a fenced-in baseball field to wear him out and laughed at his fur blowing in the wind
  • went to my cousin's baby shower 
  • visited Evin's friends in DC, found an Irish pub with happy hour on delicious Irish draught beverages (the first bar in the states where I've found Magners on tap [the name for Bulmers Cider sold outside of Ireland]) and ate tasty Irish fare, said "cilantro" instead of "slainte", took the (delayed for single-tracking) metro to the National Christmas tree, wandered over to the ice skating rink, and decided against skating with the masses
  • baked things, including homemade dog biscuits for Finley and friends
Like I said yesterday, it's going to be a busy photo week.  I'll have more to share.

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