December 28, 2011

sweets tea

I've been to this tea room before...I even managed to sit in the very same seat.  After lunch on Monday, Evin and I wandered around town and decided to stop in for some tea and dessert.  I said it before...I love this place.  We ordered The Sweets Tea, which came with a pot of tea and two tiny desserts.  It was perfect for the two of us after lunch...a pot of Lady Grey, a little bowl of gelato (white chocolate raspberry...unbelievably delicious) and two tiny cookies that were also wonderful.  I want a similar (smaller) place in my future house with a floral-clothed table, several (different) teapots and teacups, fussy silverware, and big comfy chairs (our only small complaint about this tea room concerns the wooden seating).  I will hang my crazy, jumbled picture frame arrangement on the walls and always have fresh flowers in jars (I got two blue mason jars for excited).
Anyway, this post was not supposed to be about my future decorating plans.  What I really wanted to say is that I finally got my 85mm f1.8 for Christmas from my parents!  I took it with me on this outing, but its focus distance wasn't a great match for our little table.  The first three shots were taken with my trusty 35mm f1.8, but the remaining four were all with my shiny new glass :)  I'm dying to start shooting portraits with this lens...the conditions outside aren't ideal at the moment, but when it finally snows you know where I'll be!

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