December 12, 2011

autumn ektar

Here are the surviving photos from my very first "nice" roll of film: Kodak Ektar 100.  I ordered it online sometime over the summer and of course procrastinated shooting it, telling myself I was saving it for a special occasion or something ridiculous like that.  I'm not sure why I bothered, because I usually just mess around with my film anyway, but I loaded it into my camera sometime in October and finally had it processed this weekend.  25 of the 36 exposures came out, thanks to a combination of my Konica's foolish antics and my impatience (opening the camera back when the film got stuck in the rewind process, then manually rewinding it underneath a beach towel in the back of the truck).  I'm bummed because the first few and last few photos on the roll didn't come out, several of which I was really excited about (especially the Christmas tree farm pics, a couple of which featured my dad and Finley walking down a row of trees and making for a photo I knew I'd love when it was developed) but I guess I have to take the blame for wiping the photos when I cracked open the back outside of a black room.  My Konica's shenanigans with this roll of film (and broken light meter) have got me dreaming of a new-to-me SLR, so I made a list of a few cameras I've had my eye on and gave it to Evin as a sort of late Christmas list.  I'd really like a reliable and fully manual 35mm SLR, among other things...
I've got weekend photos in my DSLR and several photo plans coming up, so I'll be busy and hopefully back to blog about it soon!

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  1. the photo of sweaters, that one of Finley, the one of the license plate + leaves, and the one of the watering cans...LOVE!


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