January 30, 2012

late january

Saturday afternoon, I met up with Porter and, armed with many cameras and a list of potential locations, headed out driving to find a spot to shoot.  Maybe we'd have found a place to stop sooner if I hadn't been the one driving, because I'm SO paranoid about getting in trouble being in places I shouldn't be, but we eventually picked a spot and parked the car and wandered around in a field snapping away.  I didn't even get my DSLR out of my bag to begin with, sticking to my TLR and new-to-me Minolta, both of which are still loaded with rolls of black and white film I need to finish...but anyway, here are a few photos I did take with my digital camera (with Porter's 50 1.4 and my 85 1.8, which I NEED to start shooting portraits with).  I'm hoping to work with her again this year, hopefully shooting a happy couple or two (once we track them down!) as well as tagging along to second shoot a wedding!
More photos from this day coming, of course, when I finish and develop the film!


  1. looovvve the shots of the hill, purrrrdy light! ill get mine up sooooon

  2. I love all photos but my favorite is second picture. Beautiful :)

  3. So much fun. Love the quiet tones in these landscapes.


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