January 23, 2012

january monochrome

Here we have twelve basic representations of photos I took with my Yashica Mat.  I finally finished the roll of Fuji Neopan 100 Acros that I started at the lake a few weeks ago (this day) and developed it this morning...mixed up a fresh batch of D76 and I'm 2 for 2 on home developing!  Unfortunately, I still don't have a negative scanner...so this time to digitize the images, I held the negatives up to a white screen (my computer) and snapped them with my DSLR.  A bit of an insult to the traditional photographic process for sure, but I don't have access to a darkroom and spending even more money on photography stuff than I recently have just doesn't seem like a good idea at the moment.  So, until a proper scanner comes around, this method will have to do...the results are mediocre at best, but it gives me (and you) a basic idea of what the photos look like, anyway.


  1. Good idea for the "scanning"! Love that first shot and the self portrait :)

  2. i always comment on your posts, but i have to..i just adore your photos :)

  3. haha, scanning - oh man, i feel like most of my generation (college students) have no idea what it is. =P

    but i do love this series. it's incredibly soothing and peaceful, not at all what "gray" connotes (dreary, sad, gloomy).


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