January 10, 2012

all in white

Yesterday we had a little bit of what I consider the perfect snow...it was so wonderful to watch while it fell, it collected on the branches and a little bit on everything else, it didn't screw up the roads (at least as far as I know) and it was gone as quickly as it came...no yucky grey piles in parking lots and on the sides of the road!  I had to work last night, so I couldn't play around outside with my camera, but driving home I decided I'd set my alarm and wake up before the sun so I could catch the frosted branches and all before it melted.  So glad I got out of bed this morning...what a beautiful sight to see, white-everything and then pink then golden when the sun rose.  I walked around my yard a little, then loaded the pup into the car and drove over to a nearby lake, thinking it might be pretty...it was.  Gorgeous.
By noon, the trees and ground were bare again and now we're back to the drab colors of this warm winter.
I shot 1/4 of a new roll of black and white film in my TLR this morning, too...will be developing that and eventually posting the results!

*title is the name of a song by the Vaccines that I particularly enjoy


  1. i fave this blog post :)

  2. i am in love with this pictures. just beautiful. great job :)

  3. These are so gorgeous! I'm jealous that you guys got snow while we just have cold icky rain.

  4. KARLY dear lord these are beautiful

  5. These are so beautiful! You are so talented!


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