February 1, 2012

strawberry nutella crepes

My copy of Plate to Pixel arrived earlier this week and as I've started reading it, I'm just dying to prepare, beautify, photograph, and EAT wonderful food!  This morning I woke up and decided I wanted crepes...and realized I could probably use them as subjects while I was at it.  I like any recipe that's easy...few ingredients, simple prep, delicious outcome.  These crepes are just a combination of a cup of flour, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup each milk and water, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 2 tablespoons of butter, melted, all mixed into a bowl (though I've learned that it's much easier to avoid lumpy batter by combining the wet ingredients then gradually adding the flour).  Easy and reasonably tasty-looking=perfect for a morning photography endeavor.
I'm still in the process of reading my book, so I don't know all the secrets yet, but I did know enough to set up next to a big window and use a reflector to bounce the light back onto the food.  Not the most perfect reflector, however...I just propped up my diploma in its big white envelope (still not framed...oops) in an attempt to shower light more evenly across the dish.  It looked better than it would have with no reflector, but probably still not perfect (though to my still untrained eye I don't think it's too bad).  I probably should have used something other than a heaping spoon to dust the powdered sugar over the crepe though...the big piles, especially in the first photo, are less than appealing but I tend to rush things (and avoid dirtying more dishes at all costs).
Now after this breakfast, and given the spring-like temperatures outside, I think I've earned myself a jog!


  1. Oh my goodness, that looks so much more yummy than my fat free yogurt was!

  2. Hehe I want to make a joke about a college diploma actually being useful for something but I'm not gonna do that. =P But these are great. I think using beautiful dishware (like you're doing here) is pretty important to food photography.

  3. oh, it looks so good! I'll have to check out that book too!


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