January 26, 2012

things i love thursday

  • Foggy mornings.  Have I said it before?  Maybe.  Will I say it many times again?  Definitely.
  • Things built around nature, rather than in place of it.  Maybe a bit idealistic, but I just love to see things built that way...my neighbor has trees growing through their deck, FallingWater's got a waterfall running through it...things like that are cool.
  • goodreads.com...I only just made an account, but I'm adding books I've read to my "shelves" and hopefully the next time I go used book shopping, I have a list of relevant things to look for!
  • Citrusy desserts...like lemon bars and key lime pie and all that delicious, bright, happy stuff
  • shooting film again...I'm on my third roll with the Yashica TLR and as soon as the lens arrives I'll be loading a test roll into my Minolta X700, possibly trying to shoot the whole thing this weekend when I meet up with Porter


  1. I love things that are built around nature too! It's so much more fun and beautiful than ripping a piece of land apart and making it flat and boring to build.

  2. ah such a gorgeous shot! love it.


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