January 18, 2012


Enter my current obsession: the summer camps of my childhood.  I was a Girl Scout from Brownies on up, so I spent a lot of weekends (and summer weeks, it seems) in the woods.  I'd get a disposable camera or two for some of these trips and come back with a roll of film full of silly things...but that's not what this post is about.  This post is about how I miss summer camp.  Last week I found myself asking if there was such a thing for adults, and if so, where do I sign up?  I guess having a dog and being 22 and all of that kind of makes it hard to do these things anymore, so this summer Evin and I have plans to host our own campouts.  I'm so excited.  I try not to wish my life away, but I really can't wait til the weather warms up.  We've been talking about going canoeing-camping...setting up camp, driving up the river and canoeing back down, maybe catching fish for dinner, maybe not, and in theory having a really great time doing it.
In typical fashion, my very first concern about a trip like this is...how do I photograph it?  I'm not putting any sort of camera I care about in a canoe, especially if that canoe has my dog in it.  I've got my waterproof digital point and shoot, but this type of adventure calls for a nostalgic film look...I could go the waterproof disposable route, but since those are one-trick-ponies (one shutter speed, no flash, etc) I think I might start shopping around for an affordable option that's a tad more versatile...maybe a Canon Sure Shot WP-1 or a Nikon L35AW or something...research is in order.  Later.  I've spent plenty of money on photography things in the past couple of months...and I've still got a few months until summer!

Finally, here's a gratuitous picture of myself, circa 2000...that week at camp, I somehow thought I was the coolest kid there because I painted green dots on my face every day.


  1. hah, they do have summer camp for adults and it's called the SCA (Student Conservation Association) - basically any of their corps programs. but you gotta do it before you're 26! And they put you to work... so it's not exactly kid camp, lol! maybe not a realistic option for you, but thought i'd mention it. :) i never got to do summer camps as a kid, nor did i ever get to go camping (until last year!). so, my life is now changed. i love it.

    also, i'm DYING to go canoe camping someday. and i also think about the same dilemma with how to photograph it. i actually sort of went canoe camping last year (we had to take a canoe to a our camp site on a little island on a lake, but it was only one night and not that far). i took the risk of bringing out my DSLR, but when we went for a joy paddle around the lake i left it at camp - ended up regretting that, though, because the sun came out and BABY LOONS APPEARED and ugh, i had no way to capture it. then again, maybe i saved my most prized camera from harm. alas! /long comment. :P

  2. I want to go on a camping trip too... I hardly ever went to summer camp when I was younger and even then it wasn't like traditional camping. I want to go REAL camping!


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