January 19, 2012

port cros

These photos are from late May and early June 2010...it's 2012 now...has it really been that long since I was in France???
Anyway, these were from our weekend trip to Port Cros, an island off the coast.  I decided to sift through some of my old shots on my external hard drive on my new iMac (yes, it came today!!!) and it's incredible to view my work up close on a screen the size of a television...I've never viewed my photos that way before.  It certainly makes my then-dirty sensor more apparent!  I just had to pick a few images to edit on this big beautiful screen and share...here are 16 of over 500 I shot that weekend.  I find myself going through these photos and saying to myself, "d'oh!  Why'd you take that photo that way?  Look at those gorgeous flowers in the corner, you didn't bother to take a proper, non-wide-angle photo of those?!"  I typically behave this way when looking at old photos.  Such is the life of a learning photographer, I suppose!

PS this computer is fantastic.

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