January 13, 2012


Last night I got the idea of mint chocolate chip ice cream in my head and couldn't forget about it, so I decided to make some!  We happened to have the necessary ingredients for the recipe I found online here...it was really easy to make!  I halved the recipe because my ice cream machine's capacity is only 1.5 quarts (while the recipe makes two quarts) and I really don't need that much ice cream anyway.  I may have gone a little heavy on the peppermint extract; as I was pouring it into the tiny 1/4 teaspoon it came out a lot faster than I was expecting and spilled over into the bowl.  I think I balanced it out ok with a little more vanilla extract and the end result is delicious (you just can't have mint chocolate chip ice cream without that signature color and two drops of green food coloring did the trick!).
I'm planning on going searching for some great food photography/food styling books today...setting up and taking awesome food photos is a lot harder than I thought it would be!


  1. Augh it's beautiful, I read your Tweet last night and got all excited (so much so that I ordered a pizza for me and Auden, too bad you can't get ice cream delivery).

  2. Now i want ice creams :0 I like your picture

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  3. Of *course* you make me crave ice cream right before bedtime. Le sigh. So yum.


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