January 9, 2012

the weekend in 12 photos

Of course Finley had to go and move his head
Enter the quick-cure for my shutter-happiness: 120 film.
Here we have the first roll shot through my pretty new Yashica Mat 124G.  I received it last Thursday, loaded it with a roll of my Christmas Ektar, and took twelve photos this weekend.  I think that's a record low for me, and I am totally okay with it.  For me, shooting with a TLR is a totally new experience, so I'm definitely not just firing off exposures left and right...it takes me FOREVER just to take one photo.  Compose, focus, adjust exposure, make sure the camera isn't tilted one way or the other, make sure I advanced the film from the last shot...and finally shoot.  It's quite the process compared to shooting with my DSLR or even my film SLRs...and I like it.  Combine all of that with knowing I only have 12 shots to a roll, and I'm waaaay picky about what's worthy of a photograph.
So, this weekend.  I visited Evin.  We took lots of walks with the dogs (as per usual), drank lots of tea, ate a fantastic dinner Saturday night with his work friends, walked up a mountain (and Finley played in a creek...a lot), I got bit by a tick (and freaked out about it), and the like.  The weather was unseasonably warm, especially Saturday (but now it's snowing beautifully...???) and things were nice.
So that's that.  I'm back home, my 10 rolls of film from Adorama arrived (I now have b/w 120 film to shoot and self-develop) and I'm convinced I now need a negative scanner.  For one, it's a lot cheaper to get my 120 color film processed without prints, and I also have no way of doing anything with negatives I self-develop unless I get a scanner.  I guess that's next on my list...bit of an expensive hobby!


  1. Karly, they're beautiful! 120 is the best. Oooh.

  2. i love finley... and the shot with the teapot w/ reflection is magically delicious

  3. Great shots, Karly. Esp. for your first roll.

    I would totally recommend the Epson V500 for a scanner. Does a great job with 120 film. Welcome to medium format!

  4. These are really great! How did you get prints for 120 film? The film lab in my town won't make prints, if I wanted them they'd charge me over $1/print. :(


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