January 2, 2012


One of my photography goals for 2012 (!!) is to get serious and get good at food photography.  I've been casually shooting my food for what seems like forever, but every time I pick up a chic cookbook, foodie magazine, or even a restaurant menu I think "I want to do that...seriously!"  I know there's a lot more to a great food photo than just knowing where to stand, and I want to learn.
Last Friday I visited my friend Christina to cook & shoot some food.  We've talked before about getting a food blog up and running, but haven't done anything about that yet...she's the master chef, I have the camera...we should probably make it happen!  Anyway, we had some delicious potato soup and then baked lemon bars (oh, so good...but don't inhale the powdered sugar).  I determined that my new 85mm is not as perfect for food photography as I imagined...won't focus close enough.  Now I'm convinced I need a macro lens...I suppose that will be my next big purchase :)

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