January 5, 2012

things i love thursday

  • Color palettes derived from photographs.  I happened upon bighugelabs color palette generator the other day, was fascinated, decided to include it in this week's TILT post, then a day later discovered and spent way too long browsing Creature Comforts' Inspiration Daily/Color Stories tag...now I'm all ready to pick photos and determine a color palette and design rooms around photos.  Really.  *Don't judge my poor Photoshopping (or should I say GIMPing because no I do not own Photoshop) on the above palette...I'm so bad with that program.
  • These snowflake photos.  How does mother nature do it?  And how did this dedicated guy keep all his fingers while taking these photos?  There have been a few snowflakes here and there over the past few days, but in this cold I can hardly stand to take my dog outside to use the bathroom, much less fiddle with a camera!
  • Andy Warhol.  I got a 12-month Warhol Calendar for Christmas and when I opened it to hang it on the wall, I re-fell in love with his work.  The calendar also came with a two-sided poster, which I've hung above my bed (It's yellow and says "You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you").  I'm already mentally planning a weekend trip up to Pittsburgh to wander his museum.
  • My Secret Santa gift from work.  We drew names and bought things for coworkers and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about what I might receive (many people exchanged alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets...) but my Secret Santa did a great job...I got a bag of loose tea leaves, a strainer for the top of my teacup, and a gift certificate for the tea room across the street from the restaurant.  I am so pleased!
  • MY NEW CAMERA!  It's a Yashica Mat 124G...which of course I bought so I could shoot all that 120 Ektar I got for Christmas ;)  It's so beautiful.  I can not WAIT to test it out this weekend when I visit Evin!

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  1. i love your color palette and damn if my brain was working correctly right now i'd write you more... but anyways YAY NEW CAMERA!


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