April 1, 2011

ireland: us

Christmas crackers

Ridiculous crowns

Naptime :)

We saw a play at The Gaiety theatre

Top level of a double-decker bus

Guinness factory

I'm so happy to be in Ireland!

New Years Eve (I was so embarrassed that night)

Happy again

I can't rotate in Blogger and I'm too lazy to rotate and reupload sooo

Likewise (but I really like botanical gardens)

Baby Guinness shooters


I don't think I have ever been so cold as I was here

Malahide Castle

Random spot that I really liked

I'm on Evin's computer and I found the photos his dad took while we were in Ireland the winter before last.  Looking through them made me so happy (and ready to go back!)

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  1. at first glance, i thought everyone in the top photo was wearing snuggies! haha


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