April 24, 2011

happy easter!

I'm not religious, but I usually insist on doing Eastery things when the time comes around.  I LOVE dying eggs (and eating jellybeans) and yesterday my roommate, boyfriend, and another friend boiled eggs (with some difficulty...I consider myself reasonably domestic at times but I don't really eat eggs and so boiling was a slight challenge) and then decorated them...most with dye + glitter.  We made a mess but it was fun and different and enjoyable.  
We were also playing cornhole outside, enjoying the weather and waiting for the eggs to boil...when it came time to bring the game indoors, the boys had to haul the boards past the very dry (and still partially decorated) Christmas tree on our patio.  The other day, I was removing bows from the tree when a bird flapped out and I discovered a nest with a tiny egg in it.  I worried that the bird wouldn't come back, but it did and I've been watching it ever since.  Yesterday, the tree got bumped in the process of bringing stuff inside and the bird flew away once again, revealing the nest and TWO eggs this time!  I worried again, but in a few minutes the birdy came back and I'm even more excited for the hatch :)

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