April 4, 2011


Borrowed Beams of Light at Downtown 34 (a music store)

Record browsing between bands

So intrigued by these violins

S. Carey (of Bon Iver) at Court Square Theatre

This margarita was delicious

Screenprinting our shirts!

My freshly printed shirt :)

Quick stop in the library so one of Evin's friends could finish a homework assignment...

Lubec at Clementine

Arches (loved them!)

Timbre (the harp is awesome)

Bag o' popcorn

Brooke Waggoner
Evin and I decided to head up to Harrisonburg for the weekend for MACRoCK, a music festival we've been wanting to attend for awhile now.  We saw a lot of bands, drank a lot, and had plenty of fun.  I'm not very good at band photography, but I took a few photos nonetheless.

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