April 27, 2011

pink and green

I spent quite a few hours on campus today between class and studying and a group meeting (I didn't want to waste the gas to drive back to my apartment in the in-betweens) so I brought my camera along with me--the story is that there's a certain place in the library that I saw the other day that I really wanted to take a photo of, but I couldn't very well do it with people around.  So, I decided to go to the library after my class this morning (around 10) in hopes that it would be less crowded and I could snap the photo.  I walked in an the coast was clear and I got excited and as soon as I approached the spot, someone was about to cross my path, so I stopped and let them go.  Turns out they were headed to the same place to sit down and putz around on their computer.  Shot ruined.  I sat at a nearby table so I could wait for him to leave, but another person came and joined him.  I had parked my car in a one hour spot so my time there was limited.
I didn't get the shot.
But, I did go upstairs to try to find a similar photo up there.  Basically, the photo I wanted to take was just of these tall, skinny windows with a beautiful leafy tree outside of them.  These windows go all the way up the facade of the library, so I went upstairs--to the quiet floor.  The windows were there alright, but the combination of the bookshelves and my only having my 35mm lens meant I couldn't get them all in one shot.  Plus, a girl was near these windows studying quietly so I really didn't want to be firing off the noisy shutter of my DSLR a whole lot.  Just the one time I did it (while hiding in the stacks) probably scared her (the photo is the one right under the black and white one of the stairwell).
I'll be going back and I'll be sure to arm myself with my wide angle lens next time.  I really want to take this photo!

**I've been refreshing my email all day in hopes that there will be something from Snapfish letting me know they've got my film.  I put a roll in the mailbox last Friday (and the last 2 rolls I've had developed I dropped them off Friday night/Saturday morning and the photos were posted on Wednesdays) and this past Monday so there will be new film soon, too!  Really looking forward to seeing the shots I dropped off on Friday--it's the multiple exposure roll I did with my Quadcam and Nikon EM :)

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  1. haha i took almost the exact same photo of the brick wall behind those trees outside of the graduate school the other day! :] i wanted to get a giant bag and scoop up all those beautiful pink petals, they make me so happy and now they are gone till next year!


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