March 31, 2011

midday fog

Yesterday started dark and cold and dreary but around midday, a crazy fog descended upon Blacksburg. I'm a sucker for fog so I grabbed up my Konica (haven't used it since before Christmas since I got the easy-to-use Nikon EM--the Konica feels so hefty in my hands now!) and my recently repaired Canon Powershot A75 and headed out.  I spent a little while getting my fingers good and frozen and the bottoms of my jeans good and soaked and took a few photos along the way of course.  I was really expecting great things out of the Canon after having it fixed and remembering the sort of photos it cranked out, and anxiously waited all day and night to download the images to my computer.  I guess with such high expectations I was a little let down, but I have to tell myself that it isn't my DSLR, it isn't film, and I was mostly shooting in my apartment complex anyway.
I definitely plan on keeping this little (I say little--it's from 2004 and quite chunky) camera in my bag because it doesn't do a bad job at all! (plus my Pentax--my other point and shoot--is being really finicky/broken after its week in St. Thomas.  Can't remember if I've already said that or not).

PS--I've never been to the Pacific Northwest, but I like to imagine that this weather is the type of stuff that happens up there a lot.  Definitely at the top of my list of places I want/need to go!

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