April 4, 2011

a little spring film

Rearranged my desk a little

My roommate made fruit salad

And the fruit looked pretty in the sink

I love libraries.

Tiny bust of Mozart nestled in the music books: made my week

The photography section

From the Popular Photography magazine archives

I was really excited for this photo but it came out dark thanks to the EM's aperture-automatic operation

Snowy daffodils

Disarray on Monday morning


The EM just doesn't perform well at night I guess



Finally seeing scans from the 36exp FourCornerStore film I mailed to Snapfish last week.  I was looking forward to the photos from this roll and for the most part I'm actually happy with them!  These were shot with my Nikon EM.  I'm currently shooting a roll through my Konica (which I haven't used since Christmas) so there will be photos from that sooner or later!

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  1. that little bag on the bike is too cute! sorry that it looks like your succulents got damaged :[


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