April 19, 2011

a thousand hounds

 I was really sad to have to return this book to the library (or, rather, the library book drop-off) today.  It's due in 2 days and unfortunately I was all wrapped up in everything else and didn't get to fully appreciate the book in its entirety while I had it checked out.  I did look at every page and I've decided that I want to get a copy of this book for my house some day.  It's full of beautiful photography and quotes and of course dogs and I got a lot of enjoyment out of it :)
I also ate rainbow sherbet.  I love rainbow sherbet.


  1. ahahahahaha "i also ate rainbow sherbet" im all about the key lime sherbet with chocolate chips

  2. i got really stressed out when i saw that book, until i saw that it had pictures in it :] i love rainbow sherbet too, i haven't had any in a long time. cheerwine sherbet from food lion also rocks my world and is the only reason i would ever go back to food lion!


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