April 23, 2011

goodwill bookstore

Last night my roommate and boyfriend and I went to Christiansburg for dinner and while we were there, I noticed a new addition next to the Goodwill there--a Goodwill book store!  It hasn't been there for long and I had to go look, even though I know Evin doesn't like used books (he's weird).  The selection was sort of limited, but all paperbacks were $0.75 and hardbacks were $1.00.  I bought four books for myself and a book for Evin and my roommate cause neither of them wanted to spend $0.75 each on their debit cards.  $5 total! (okay, $5.25 with tax)  I look forward to doing more used book shopping in the future, because even though I don't know much about the books I bought, I'm really excited to go through them (and, of course, eventually add them to my library!)


  1. i had no idea that goodwill had a book store over there now!

  2. I'll go used book shopping with you!


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