April 12, 2011

garden tilt-shift, part two

These remind me of dainty little ballerinas 
and these smelled lovely

I.  Can.  Not.  Resist.  Taking.  Photos.  Like.  This.


...and then I found a dogwood tree

I've been excited for dogwood blooms

And I finally got to see some :) 
These remind me of sassy twin sisters

The weather here in Blacksburg has been unsettled for days, with frequent evening thunderstorms I don't mind.  The temperature has been reasonable (fingers crossed it stays well above freezing for good!) and the plants have been loving all the water they've been getting.  The grass is SO green and the tulips are just starting to bloom!
This afternoon I brought my D80 and tilt-shift lens to campus to take on the garden again between class obligations.  There was a light rain that I barely noticed and the flowers smelled absolutely lovely.  I really can't wait to have a garden of my own.  Do I really need to get a job?


  1. I can't even begin to explain how much I love these. They're beautiful.

  2. i am so jealous! these are amazing! if you were a canon user i would be stalking you down and begging to play with it!

    keep in mind that gardens + photography are also jobs. and once you get swept up in a job that you don't like it is hard to go without [i.e. quit to go do something you actually love and find rewarding b/c you now depend on that income] so if you can find a way to do your own thing from the start you will be winning!


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