April 13, 2011

late march/early april film

This photo is from that foggy day that I made a post about a few weeks ago.  There were more photos taken this day that don't seem to be present...

Evin's best friend Colin and his Olympus OM2

Not a good picture of us.

Delicious burger at Jack Brown's!

Fried Oreos


Best friends

I took a similar photo to this with my point and shoot, also from that blog post a few weeks ago

My roommate's family's dog visited for a few days and when I was the only one home, the dog wanted to be with me on my bed

French toast


BLT Soup, recipe courtesy of Paula Deen

As I mentioned previously, I decided to get out my Konica again and put it to use.  Overall I'm pretty happy with this roll, though I can't help but be disappointed that there were only 30 scans posted to Snapfish's site when I definitely shot all 36 exposures on the roll.  Somehow I'm not surprised, since Snapfish doesn't exactly offer the world's best quality processing...I guess I'll have to look at the negatives when I get them and see what the deal is.


  1. see you go and post all these pictures of delicious food...now I want guacamole. lol that one of your dog and the food is hysterical, love it!

  2. Love the ones of the french toast, and I actually really like the one of you and Evin...it seems really natural and candid.


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